maltofer drops

Maltofer Drops Description

Maltofer Drops is an anti-anemia preparation, recommended in cases of iron or increased iron needs, particularly during pregnancy, lactation, premature birth, in infancy and early childhood and after blood loss.


Maltofer Drops Composition

1 ml (=20 drops) contains: 50 mg iron as iron (iii)-hydroxide polymaltose complex, aromatic agent, preservative: E 217, E219.


Maltofer Drops Properties

The trivalent iron in the preparation, in the form of complex organic compound, is extremely well tolerated, and is thus ideal for patient with gastro-intestinal sensitivity Fe (iii) can be designated as a “nutritional iron” type: safe and reliable compensation for iron deficiency is guaranteed, not only in hematopoietic systems, but also in cell ferments and iron reserves.


Maltofer Drops Indications

Diagnostically attested iron deficiency in any form in particular iron deficiency anemia.


Maltofer Drops Dosage

(Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor):

  • Premature Babies:  one drop daily (2.5 mg) per kg body weight. 
  • Children up to One Year: begin with six drops daily, increasing to twenty drops per day, in distributed doses. 
  • Children (1 to 12 years): twenty drops once to twice daily (50 to 100 mg) 
  • Children (12 years and over): twenty drops twice daily (100 mg). 
  • Adults: 40 drops once to twice daily (100 to 200 mg). 

Depending on the degree of iron deficiency, and cases of increased iron needs, a higher dose may be required under certain circumstances, which will be determined by the attending physician.

Depending on the scale of iron deficiency, treatment lasting several months may be required. To supplement iron depots, therapy should be continued for about one month after normalization of hemoglobin values.


Restriction in Use

Cases of hypersideraemia, iron utilization disorders, any instance of anemia of indeterminate origin, established cases of iron intolerance, such as severe cases of inflammatory changes in the gastro-intestinal tract.



Maltofer drops can be taken with meals. Competitive reactions with food constituents which might reduce the resorption of the iron complex, will not occur, the Maltofer drops can be administered mixed in baby food or in fruit and vegetable juices. The slight caramel coloration dose not impair either taste or effect.

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