Ever wanted to know about a pharma company having the fastest growth record in the history of Pakistan? The Answer is GETZ PHARMA. Yes, a member of Marmon Group of companies, Getz Pharma has the record of being a more rapidly growing organization as compare to any other pharmaceutical company that exist in Pakistani Pharma Market. Getz Pharma has its state of the art manufacturing unit at Karachi. GETZ Pharma has focused many aspects of human healthcare products. A wide array of products including Tablets, Capsules, Drops, Syrups, sachets and injectables make GETZ Pharma one among the TOP TEN Pharma companies in Pakistan. GETZ Pharma is the first company who has installed biotechnology manufacturing unit in Pakistan.

The key role in GETZ Pharma’s success is of UNIFERON that is interferon, indicated for the treatment of Hepatitis. In addition to UNIFERON, GETZ Pharma is the first pharma company that has the owner to launch ribavirin with the brand name RIBAZOLE (an antiviral) in Pakistan. GETZ Pharma has several Products in its portfolio that have made the ever highest sales record in their respective classes. Some examples are mentioned as under;


GETZ Pharma Products

  • UNIFERON is interferon, for complete information about the product please visit the product page.
  • UNIPEG is the more advance therapy for the patients of Hepatitis. UNIPEG is the first Peg-Interfeon that has been manufactured in Pakistan. For further information, please refer to the product page.
  • INSUGET is recombinant insulin and is the first product in its class ever manufactured in Pakistan. For further information about Insuget please refer to the respective product page.
  • RIBAZOLE is ribavirin that is an antiviral. Ribazole is available in complete range of formulations.
  • RISEK is omeprazole and available in complete range of formulations including, Capsule and infusion. For your interest we would like to inform you, that currently RISEK is the largest selling brand in Pakistan in its class. For further information about RISEK, please refer to the product page.
  • LEFLOX is levofloxacin that belongs to the quinolone group of antibiotics. Though LEFLOX is not a research brand like CRAVIT, but currently it is the largest selling brand in term of Units and Value both. For further information about LEFLOX, please refer to the product page.
  • GETRYL is glimepiride that is recommended for the maintenance of type 2 diabetes. GETRYL has broken all the sales records in its class in Pakistani Pharma Market. For complete product profile please visit the respective product page. 

To learn more about the portfolio of Getz Pharma please refer to the Product Section.

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